Everything Around Us Evolved From Good Design

Visually conveying the essence of a brand is an art. At Chaplin & Co we understand the importance of distinctive, innovative and meaningful design in capturing the right attention for your brand. Consistent, transferable and enduringly engaging, our expertly crafted design manifests the values of your company, creating something that will captivate your audience and stand the test of time. We value both style and substance and believe that great design goes deeper than the surface. By making user experience a priority, we create seamlessly functional design that engages the audience both visually and interactively.

We learn about your brand and values, then we spread the word, creating a message with real impact that the world sees and remembers.
Annual Reports
Impress your stakeholders with annual reports that convey the success of your business through great design.
Art Direction
We combine art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction, crafting a connection between what is seen and felt about your brand.
Brand Architecture
We ensure that the right structure is in place to accurately reflect each department of your business and brand.
Brand Essence
We find the key elements that signify who you are, what you represents and the key element in the makeup of you brand.
It’s a point of difference and should reflect your business’s voice. We recognise these details to ensure your brand is recognised.
Whether it’s issues or opportunities, brief us and we’ll develop a campaign that communicates your vision while delivering meaningful results.
Our understanding is that words are like pieces of a puzzle, positioned correctly they convey information, meaning, and we’re always looking towards the bigger picture.
Corporate Identity
We create a combination of colour schemes, designs, words, and other elements to provide a visual statement for your business and impart its philosophy.
We use design to create a visual conversation with your audience and make sure they understand it.
We can create product differentiation through effective packaging design to captivate your intended market and stand out from the crowd.
Let us take you on a journey and show you our vision for your business.
Catering for all your print needs no matter the job or finish.
We can design any product you dream of, from shoes through to paint.
Preparation and research is key to understanding how your brand will reflect globally. It becomes the bedrock for planning, design & digital mediums.
Responsive Design
Responsive web design sites are fluid, transforming freely across all screen resolutions and devices to provide an optimal viewing experience to the end user.
Signage is so ingrained in our collective minds that most of the time we go about our daily activities without even knowing they are there. They direct us, remind us and sometimes even inspire us to make decisions each day.
Stationary shouldn’t be boring, it should represent and communicate what your brand is all about.

Design Process

The Way We Design Explained

Creating a unique, original, visual manifestation of a brand and its assets is an art. At Chaplin & Co, we consider your company, your target market and user experience to produce something that your audience can’t take their eyes off. Great design is consistent, transferable across mediums, and has longevity. Importantly, our design isn’t all looks and no substance. We value function; how a design works, interacts and engages with the user is as important as the visual elements of the design itself.